10 Image Editing and Designing Tools That Everybody Can Easily Use

10 Image Editing and Designing Tools That Everybody Can Easily Use

Visual content marketing is in limelight these days, because of its power to drive enormous traffic. The significance of visual content has been highlighted in the last few years because of the popularity of major social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. It is not a hidden fact that videos and infographics are effective in conveying information and drawing attention of the readers. Thus, it becomes essential for you to keep pace with these upcoming trends.

For the non-technical marketers who don’t have the knowledge of coding or graphic designing, there are many tools which are available creating images, videos and info graphics, charts and presentations to support their content. Thanks to these tools, most social media marketing experts are able to work their way around images and graphic designs without relying a lot on graphic designers.

Here is a list of 10 very effective and easy to use tools that can help you to design beautiful images faster and with little or no technical knowledge at all.

Snappa-The easiest graphic design tool you’ll ever use.

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Snappa is a graphic design tool which will help you in creating marvelous designs and you don’t need any technical expertise to do it yourself. Snappa makes it possible to produce any kind of online graphic and they claim limitless possibilities for engaging your audience.

With Snappa you get numerous features like:-

  • Predesigned templates to create stunning designs.

ü  Optimization of the images for social media & ad networks

ü  Fantastic high resolution photos

ü  Manage & store your designs.

ü  Share instantly on social media.

ü  Optimization of images with effects

ü  The best part is that you can upload your own photos and graphics.

To Download Snappa Click here.


Canva- Empowering the world to design

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Canva is a very easy to use tool that helps you create amazing graphics and ensure audience engagement throughout the social media platform. Anyone can be a designer by using Canva. You can design social media graphics, presentations and more with thousands of beautiful layouts.

Canva has a lot many outstanding features you need for an amazing design-

  • Millions of photos to choose from.
  • Upload your own photos.
  • Edit your photos using preset photo filters.
  • Advanced photo editing tools are also available.
  • Numerous fonts to choose from to make a perfect design.
  • Free icons and shapes.
  • Drag-and-drop feature as well as professional layouts to design consistently fabulous graphics.


To Download Canva Click here


Piktokart- Makes Information Beautiful

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Piktochart is a super easy infographic creation tool. You can choose from hundreds’ of professionally-designed templates. You don’t have to work hard to take your visual communication to the next level.

Piktochart has several features which will make your work super easy like:-

  • Hundreds of professionally-designed templates from a selection of infographic, banner, report, and presentation format.
  • A library of beautifully designed icons and images.
  • Make beautiful charts and maps.
  • Editable, ready-made text frames and photo frames that can be easily combined with your text, visuals and photos.
  • High resolution downloads facility.


To Download Piktochart Click here


Desygner- Create your own stunning designs.


Desygner is a fantastic online design tool which can be used by anyone with least technical skills. It allows you to create not only banners, posters and invitations but also the Facebook covers, social media posts and much more. It has thousands of free backgrounds, stickers and text available at a single click.

Desygner comes with amazing features which will ensure a smooth designing experience:-

  • Edit from a computer, tablet or even a phone.
  • Easily Import images and text from Adobe PDFs, PSDs and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Millions of free to use public images.
  • Thousands of free backgrounds, stickers and text with single click
  • Share online or download as a PDF, JPG or PNG for free.

To Download Desygner Click here

Infogr.am-Charts and infographics the easy way


Infogr.am is a very powerful infographics creator that makes your data looks the best. It has many features to Make Your Data Visualization Sparkle. You can easily create and publish beautiful visualizations of your data which is Interactive, responsive and engaging.

Infogr.am has all the features that will make your data look the best:-

  • Add graphs, maps, text, and even playable videos without using any design program.
  • More than 20 ready-made designshelp you get beautiful charts and visualizations out quickly.
  • Over35 different charts and over 200 different maps that make it easy and flexible to present your data for maximum effect.
  • Edit colors, styles, and display options to make your data fit your message.
  • Create interactive charts and graphs to make your data engaging.

To Download Infogr.am Click here

Storify:Make the web tell a story

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Storify helps you create stories wherever you find them, it gives you the tools to create the best evergreen and live blog stories, uniting traditional storytelling with engaged audiences.

You can use storify to create a lot of stories like-

  • Get up-to-the-minute, non-stop updates from any source, every time.
  • Easily do live blogging
  • Capture and report your hashtag’s results.
  • Archive your next discussion with talent for a new show, album and more.

To Download Storify Click  here


ChartBlocks: The online chart building tool

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ChartBlocks is the world’s easiest online chart building tool. With the help of Chartblocks you can effortlessly design and share a chart in no time. Knowledge of coding is required. You can easily import your data, design your chart and share it on social media.

ChartBlock comes with a lot of features like:-

  • Build a chart in no time with the help of the easy to use chart designer.
  • Choose from dozens of chart types and then you can customize it to your needs.
  • Pull in data from almost any source.
  • Create charts that pull data from multiple sources.

To Download Chartblocks Click here

ThingLink: Create Interactive Images and Videos


ThingLinkis an interactive media platform that empowers you to create engaging content by adding clickable icons to links, video, text, music, other images as well as rich media links to photos and videos which help you create custom interactive images.

The features of ThingLink are many:-

  • Create interactive news photography, maps, posters, family albums, infographics, etc.in very less time.
  • Keep track of how readers interact with your content as it spreads across the web.
  • Create more engaging content by adding rich media links to photos and videos.

To Download ThingLink Click here

Adobe Spark: Create Stunning Social Graphics in seconds


Adobe Spark allows you to create gorgeous social graphics in few moments. You can convert your text and image into a professional looking graphic by easily applying a theme of your choice. Designing experience is not required to create beautiful images.

There are so many of features Adobe Spark like:-

  • Resize your text with the magic text.
  • Resize your graphics according to your requirement
  • An impeccable tool to create amazing images without any experience in designing.

To Download Adobe Spark Click here


Polarr: Pro Photo Editor designed for everyone


Polarr is a very useful free online photo editor. It’s easy to useinterface, along with tutorial, helps you to direct basic as well as advanced edits with ease.

Polarr offers very useful features like:-

  • Easy make local adjustments.
  • Advanced cropping is possible.
  • Using watermark tool enables you to make professional edits.
  • Handcrafted filters are available for quick change.

To Download Polarr Click here


These were the ten effective tools which any digital marketing professional with non-technical background can easily use to create an effective visual content which will drive enormous traffic and make work easier.

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