7 steps to Social media success


Competitor Analysis Benchmarking

The competitor analysis and benchmark report focuses on the listen stage of our first approach to social media and provides us a vision of current performance.

Digital Strategy

The Digital Strategy team will apply there knowledge and using the competitor analysis report which will deliver a solid strategy to conquer the social media difficulties to give you a positive viral effect.


Based on our competitors analysis, market research and documented case studies we will produce the best and most successful content by category and detail, measured by most liked, most shared.

Testing stage

Depending on your target audience or if you are going for paid advertising we would run a small trial just to see how we perform before we go all viral with a social media posts or advertising, as with all thing with life, they all require small tweaks

Social Media Reporting

Our social media reporting tools are designed to get you the data and hard facts that are required to truly measure each campaign right down to the granular level so that our campaign can be fine tuned, to give you the best results and knowledge of the current market. This allows you to  to adjust your business goal and objectives to achieve maximum sustainable growth give you a true ROI.

Digital Detox

Based on the learning of the social media reporting we conduct a digital detox normally performed every month just to see how lean we are burning and if we need to push the campaign harder we will without causing long term issues.

Managed Marketing

We can fully manage your presence across all major social media platforms to take away the headache and deal with all your marketing needs, just like your own in house marketing team but with the massive cost.Our team has many years of experience in the field are always running in the inside track to achieve what all the others might be doing but with least amount of effort

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