Using Social Media at Every Phase of Marketing Pipeline: Attract-Convert-Close-Delight

Driving quality and relevant traffic to the website is the prerequisite for converting prospective leads into customers. Social Media not only plays a very significant role in this conversion process but also forms the most important pillar in the digital marketing process.

The sales funnel starts from attracting the people to the website which is followed by converting these visitors into leads and then closing the deal to make them your customer. But the story doesn’t end here. If these customers are delighted with your product or services then they will play a major role in promoting your brand.

Let’s understand each phase and the tools used to implement them.



The goal is not to drive huge irrelevant traffic but quality traffic that will generate effective leads. By driving relevant traffic, you can increase the chances of getting customers for your product or service. So, when you aim at attracting people to you website, your content must target the right poeple. Focus on developing the digital marketing strategy to define the needs and requirements of your prospective buyers.


When you want to buy something online, what do you do? You probably search it on Google or other search engines. So, when your prospective customer searches for the product or service you offer, your page rank on the SERP plays a very significant role in turning your business into success or failure. Thus, you need to cautiously do keyword research, develop content and add links to optimize your pages.


A blog with catchy heading will attract people to your website. Proper market research will help you understand the needs of your target group of people. Then develop blogs according to their requirements. The content theme needs to be something relevant to the target audience and it should be informative. You also need to figure out the perfect balance between original and curated content. Even if you use information from other sources as inspiration, make sure that you add your views and opinions to make it relevant to your audience. A quality blog will prove to be powerful tool in conversion process.


Your webpages should not only be optimized but also be appealing to the visitors. Once they reach your website they must not switch just because of the ugly look of your webpages. Develop professional looking webpages, with easy user interface that can hold the interest of the viewers. There are several factors which determine the appeal of a website including loading time, navigation, user friendliness, graphic-text ration, communication of brand message and value to the customer.

Social Media Marketing:

Once your website is ready to welcome your prospective customers, you must focus on bringing the content in front of your target audience. Social Media is omnipresent; hence the best platform to present your business in front of the world and filter our prospective customers through focused content. Appropriate research will help you understand which social media platform to target and how to target. Don’t forget that your social media page will determine your brand image. Hence, keep it simple but effective. Add valuable information, engage audience and respond to their questions. This will help you develop personal relation with the audience of your interest. Treat your brand as a person and work on creating an identity just like you would do with your social profile. Moreover, get acquainted with new platforms and try to reach out to your audience on the profiles that they are most active on.



For converting the visitors into leads, you need to get the contact information of the people in order to engage with them. To share their personal details, they would expect something valuable in return in the form of eBooks on the topics of their interest. If your offer is too good or if you offer a solution to a specific problem, you might be able to get the attention of even more people. Just use simple forms to get the required information and keep it easy for the users. No one likes to fill out lengthy forms with elaborate details as it is pretty time consuming and tedious.

Calls to action:

You must encourage call to action using buttons or links which ask them to download or start a new course to generate leads.

Landing Page:

The visitor should not regret sharing his information with you when he reaches the landing page. This is possible only if you satisfy their requirement by giving a valuable content in return. This will develop trust and help you in the next phase of sales funnel.


The process of filling the form must be short and easy. Keep track of the contacts you gather to help you in future interaction.

Social Media Marketing:

Publish useful content and call to action links on Social media on regular basis so as to enhance your customer experience, thereby developing trust and maintaining positive relationship. 




You have put in all the efforts just to reach this stage. Thus, this stage is very crucial to you. You can use the following tools to ensure that you don’t fail at this stage.

Automated Marketing:

Manually sending emails to the leads according to their stage in the sales funnel is next to impossible. Hence, Marketing Automation will do that for you by keeping all the factors into consideration like the stage of lead, social media platform used for interaction and so on. You can change the message according to the requirement and a series of emails having useful information automatically.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

It can easily track all the contact information in few clicks and help in giving them right information the right time. You can integrate it with closed loop reporting and analyze various factors affecting the closing process viz. which marketing efforts is generating maximum leads and so on.

Social Media Marketing:

If the lead decides to buy the product, audience engagement play important role. The customer will make payment if you are able to hold the trust. Social Media and Email Marketing will permit you to sell and increase your revenue.



Once you close the deal it becomes your responsibility to retain the customer for repeat sales. This is possible when you are able to delight them by continuing your engagement process. This will also help you get new customers by word of mouth publicity from them. Various tools used to delight the customers are:

Smart text and smart call to action:

By giving attractive offers to the existing buyers and delighting them with useful content, you can introduce new products to them and increase revenue.

Monitoring Social Media:

It is very important to analyze the consumer behavior on the basis of their social conversation, comments, and questions and accordingly provide relevant content.

Social Media


This is how you can take advantage of the social media platforms to showcase your company as an approachable and reliable brand.

Remember that you must develop different strategies for different social media platform and combine the elements into a concrete digital marketing strategy, which can be used at all the stages of sales funnel. In the end, it’s all about understanding your target audience and taking your brand to them. The more you understand your audience, the greater will be the sales prospect.

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